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PPC Store in Ioannina

Our company took over the  manufacture of  aluminium doors and windows for the PPC store  in Ioannina. In the area of funds we used aluminum system E2004 and E85 antivandal of ETEM SA in combination with antivandal glass 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 with10 films of 0.76 mm thickness.  For customers deterrence safety cage we used the VK4 40’  system deterrence also by ETEM SA company.  In the rest of the constructions we used aluminum systems E2004 and E45 of ETEM SA company.   For interior partitions we used the D100 office system of AJUMIL SA

Project Supervisor: DOMOTECNHIKI OE

Year of construction: 2016-2017

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