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Spiral walkway construction

Sense-al constructed the external curtain wall for the spiral walkway. The multi-faceted facade design required high precision fabrication and instalation of Structural IGU's.
They are composed from tempered solar control glass Low-E pane and a tempered laminated pane. The challenge was a fast track project with deadlines locked in for funding the rest of the project. The complex 3D nature of the build demanded each of the 110 panels (290m2) to be individualy designed.
The design was based on 3D modeling and site measurements. A new site measurement method was implemented. The measurements, design, fabrication and installation completed in two weeks time.
SMARTIA M8200 column-free vertical glazing system and visible mounting Points and SMARTIA M5600 blinds 

Project Supervisor: DOMOTECNHIKI OE

Year of construction: 2018-2019

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